If your wardrobe is holding you back….

If your wardrobe doesn’t work for you, life can be frustrating; but with the right clothes and accessories your confidence and self-esteem will soar. A great wardrobe does not happen by accident: you need to plan, manage and organise your clothes so that they are right for your lifestyle, career, body and personality and it is sooo much easier to do this with help from an expert!

Meet Gail Morgan Image Consultant in Hertfordshire and London

I’m Gail Morgan and I love creating workable wardrobes. I’m an image consultant in Hertfordshire and London.

I work one to one with busy professionals who know that they need to present themselves in a certain way but are overwhelmed by the variety of clothing options and retailers out there. By simplifying their clothing options I can bring calm and order into their lives. I have been doing this a long time and I can see the potential in any wardrobe! I love getting to really know my clients: what they do, how they spend their time, how they want to be seen and then planning the perfect wardrobe for them – because one size does not fit everyone!

If your wardrobe is holding you back…. I’m here to help!

Gail Morgan image consultant in Hertfordshire and London

Do you long for a simple wardrobe?

An easy selection of stylish clothes that magically work together, suit you and are relevant for your lifestyle? Imagine the relief and calm that happens when you have an organised and co-ordinated wardrobe – one less decision to make in the morning and the confidence to face your day with grace and ease.

It doesn’t need to be complicated and it is my mission to find clothes and accessories that you love so that getting dressed is easy.

Whether we like it or not people do judge us on the way that we look and if you are in a position of authority, speak regularly &/or are in the public eye you need to get this nailed so that you can build rapport quickly and be seen as believable.

Looking for an Image Consultant in Hertfordshire and London?

For her

You are busy – juggling everything life throws at you and although you have clothes in your wardrobe, you still have nothing to wear. You know you want to look a certain way but what to do and how to start….

For him

You are successful in your life and career, but you know that your wardrobe is letting you down. You want to look stylish and confident – getting dressed in the morning should be a lot easier than it currently is….

For corporate

First impressions really count! Are you and your employees representing your company in the right way through their image and body language? Bespoke training sessions for individuals and groups….


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