Personal Shopping

Does shopping leave you feeling exhausted and disappointed rather than excited and delighted?

Don’t worry you’re not alone! There are so many different brands, styles and colours to choose from, it’s no wonder that you end up confused. You wander aimlessly around the shops looking for inspiration but end up depressed because nothing suits you, so you go home empty handed or buy something in a panic just because “it will do”!

Save Time and Money with a Personal Shopping Trip

Having spent a number of years as a Consultant Fashion Advisor for John Lewis, I am a personal shopping expert so let me take the angst out of shopping for you. I can take you to the right stores for your figure, lifestyle and budget – whether you are looking for a special occasion outfit, workwear or to replenish your wardrobe. With my guidance I can introduce you to new flattering styles, colours and brands, so that shopping becomes easier, quicker and more cost effective.

What happens during a Personal Shopping Session?

A personal shopping session starts with a conversation to discover what you would like to achieve from the shopping trip; we then arrange a date and a time to meet – preferably early in the morning when the shops are quieter and you receive better service. On the day we meet for coffee to discuss our plan of action and then hit the stores!

Most personal shopping sessions last about four hours: but can be shorter if we have worked together before and have a concise and detailed list; or longer if we are building a new capsule wardrobe. I work at your pace and you will never be pressurised into buying anything, because it is vitally important that you feel comfortable in the clothes that you purchase, but you will try (and buy) styles, patterns and colours that you might not have even considered before.

I aim to make shopping fun, enlightening and empowering so that you literally can’t wait to get home to show off your new purchases and start receiving the compliments that you deserve.

The ½ day Personal Shopping session usually takes place in London but this is flexible and can be arranged anywhere. The price of £400 includes tea/coffee and cake!

Half Day

  • You get:
  • A 30 minute pre-consultation phone call
  • A half day (3 hours) shopping session with me in London (or another suitable location)
  • Tea or coffee and cake

Full Day

  • You get:
  • A 30 minute pre-consultation phone call
  • A whole day (6 hours) shopping session with me in London (or other suitable location)
  • Lunch, tea / coffee and cake

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for your time and patience on Friday.  I am very excited about the items I purchased that day but also about some of the ideas I have taken away from the experience.  I feel like I am better equipped when it comes to items of clothing and what might or might not work for me.  You’ll be glad to know that I wore new shoes, shirt, jumper and jeans on Friday night.

And, just to let you know that I went back to Hugo Boss and bought the suit we looked at – I felt that once I had tried on a quality item like that, it was going to be difficult to default back to anything else!!

Jack Kirkbride

Financial Controler, London

Next Step

Let's chat

If you have any questions as to how this would work for you, book a free, no obligation one to one Style Discovery Call with me to learn more.

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