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Style & Image Coaching

for busy, professional men & women who want to look great, stand out & simplify their wardrobe
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Style & Image Coaching

For busy, professional men & women who want to look great, stand out, and simplify their wardrobe
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Is Your Wardrobe Holding You Back….?

If your wardrobe doesn’t work for you, life can be frustrating.

Perhaps you are fed up with missing out on that promotion or never getting a second date.

Disillusioned with trying to “look the part”, but ultimately knowing that your current image is undermining your potential success.

And having spent months on Zoom, you have forgotten how to “dress to impress”.

You realise that to get what you want, things need to change, but you don’t have the time, inclination or expertise to do it yourself.

This is where Gail Morgan Style can help…

Want to discover how you can get your wardrobe sorted?

I’m Gail Morgan and I simplify the art of getting dressed.

I work with ambitious leaders, business owners, consultants, and executives who know that they need to present themselves in a certain way BUT are overwhelmed by the variety of clothing options and brands out there.

By streamlining your wardrobe, I can bring calm and order into your life AND ensure that your clothes reflect your personality &/or enhance your personal brand.

As a Certified Master Image Consultant, Trainer and Coach, I work closely with you over a period of time, in order to understand how you would like to be perceived. And then, using a combination of my coaching and styling skills we create a wardrobe that works for you.

Simple, practical advice and guidance, so that you feel comfortable in your clothes and look effortlessly stylish.

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Your Image Matters

Whether we like it or not, people do judge us on the way that we look – both in business and socially.

As humans we believe what we see, and no matter how clever or witty you might be, first impressions do count.

Therefore, investing in your appearance isn’t vain or conceited, but a valuable addition to your personal development – improving your prospects in business and in love.

Imagine the relief and calm that happens when you have an organised and co-ordinated wardrobe… One less decision to make in the morning and the confidence to face your day with grace and ease.

Dressing for Business

Developing your Personal Brand involves many elements, and this has been complicated after months of being at home.

Workplaces have changed, with many businesses looking at a hybrid option for their employees. And with all these changes, the expectations of what you wear will have shifted as well.

Is your wardrobe up to scratch?

When you worked in an office you knew what was expected. But now the situation is more fluid, and you can’t resort to the standard uniform of old. And you aren’t even sure if the clothes would fit you any more!

No matter what the future holds we will continue to communicate virtually – so are your online image and presentation skills as good as they could be?

Your wardrobe may feel complicated and overwhelming. But you have no idea where to start and don’t want to spend a fortune making mistakes.

Is it time to create your own Dress Code, simplify your wardrobe and spend your money wisely?

Create Your Own Dress Code, Simplify Your Wardrobe & Spend Your Money Wisely

Working together

I work with you to make your life easier.

Knowing that you have a workable wardrobe is a huge relief.

I obviously can cover all the traditional style elements to ensure that you are wearing clothes and colours that flatter your body. BUT what I also ensure is that they are the RIGHT clothes for your lifestyle, your personality, and your existing (and future) job roles.

I offer a selection of Style Sessions and Style Packages to help you be seen for all the right reasons. Click here to find out more…

Or if you would prefer to have a chat to discuss how we could work together, please book a call.

Your Style Journey starts here...

Let’s have a conversation and see where it takes you.

If you are interested in training to become a Personal Stylist or Colour Consultant, please head over to www.studyinstyletraining.com for more information…

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