Although we’re not expecting a heatwave soon, the temperatures are rising and as Brits we do need to think about what to wear when dressing for work in the heat! This is probably the trickiest time of the year to dress smartly and professionally because we either dress as if we are off to the beach &/or we throw caution to the wind and reveal too much skin! (Often undermining the carefully constructed image we have been portraying for the rest of the year!)

If you have to be “suited and booted” for work then your choices are more limited but could you wear a lightweight suit or a dress with sleeves rather than a wool suit, blouse, tights and court shoes?

If you have to wear a jacket and you know you have to keep it on all day then wear as little as possible underneath – a sleeveless top or smart vest top. If you will be taking your jacket off, you will need to add some sort of sleeve to your top, as this will keep your look more professional.

Tights or not??

If you are wearing a formal suit and court shoes you really do need to continue wearing tights/stocking but find the lowest denier you can. If you can wear peep toe courts you could try toe-less tights. If you decide to ditch the tights when wearing a skirt or dress then your legs need to be bronzed and hair free. Trousers may be more comfortable than a skirt because it will easier to go without tights.

If your corporate dress code is more relaxed this will give you more choice (but also more opportunities to make mistakes!) The best advice I can give is to use layers, be clever with different fabrics and add tailoring where you can.

In most work situations shorts, flipflops, cropped tops and strapless tops would probably be frowned on but you could still possibly use some of your holiday pieces at work.

If you have a great maxi dress, a jumpsuit, a patterned skirt, a fabulous blouse, a pair of linen trousers or wedges sandals these could easily be incorporated into the everyday. Also, if you have an outfit that you wore previously to a summer wedding, can you use any of the items to help build your summer work wardrobe?


And consider your accessories – do you need to carry your black leather handbag at this time or would a lighter fabric/colour be more appropriate and fun? Likewise with your jewellery add interest and individuality with some key pieces.

Most of all enjoy these few weeks of sunshine and experiment. But, as always, if you need any help or support in your wardrobe, you know where I am!


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