Have you got a Christmas party or New Year’s Eve event coming up?

Wondering what to wear?

Here are my top five tips to avoid making a festive fashion mistake……

1 Wearing a “Little Black Dress” – I am being a little controversial here, as a LBD is supposed to be the perfect item that the magazines say, every woman “needs” in her wardrobe! However, if like me, black is not flattering against your skin then you could end up looking tired &/or ill. Probably not the look you were intending! Also if everybody else is wearing black you will just blend in with everyone else. There are some fabulous colours out there that could make you look healthier and allow you to stand out from the crowd. Perhaps try a deep or bright blue, a burgundy or brighter red, a purple or deep green. Invest in a colour analysis if you aren’t sure which colours work for you. The perfect Chriatmas present!

2 Wearing matching jewellery – This can look a bit dated and unimaginative. Match your metals and sparkles but avoid matching earrings, necklaces and bracelets – 2 out of 3 is okay but no more!

3 Wearing a Christmas jumper Although actually in the right environment this can be fine. Maybe have a subtle one with a few sparkles &/or stars which could be used in any situation. Or a novelty one if you know that is what everyone else will be wearing.

4 Wearing heels that are too high. Unfortunately you will not look elegant and refined if you are in pain and can’t walk or dance. Break in your party shoes beforehand – maybe base your outfit around a pair of old favourites.

5 Wearing your everyday handbag. You don’t want to be lugging your work bag with you onto the dance floor! Look for a special clutch or shoulder bag – think scale, shape & colour. So that the bag co-ordinates with you and your outfit.

This is a time of year to experiment with your festive fashion and to enjoy dressing up. Because most of us don’t get the chance to do this all the time.

Keep it simple, plan ahead and have fun!


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