Have you ever read one of those magazine articles about the key pieces every woman “should” own? It all seems very simple doesn’t it?

The usual suggestions are usually something along the lines of:

  • A crisp white shirt
  • A little black dress
  • The perfect pair of jeans
  • A camel coat or trench coat
  • A red jacket
  • A stripy t-shirt
  • A pair of tan boots
  • A statement handbag

But what if these items or colours and styles don’t suit you or your lifestyle?

It is easy for the journalist to pontificate on what they think is right or wrong but they don’t see the resultant wardrobe where these “orphan” garments can’t mix and match with your existing clothes!!

Yes there are key items that every wardrobe needs but these will be unique to your wardrobe, because your requirements are going to be different to everyone else.

Knowing the right colour palette to suit your natural colouring is vital because once you know and implement this in your wardrobe you will have the basis of a truly mix and match wardrobe that flatters you.

This will also impact on the make-up colours that will be right for you – no more discarded lipsticks languishing at the back of a drawer!

Knowing the styles, fabrics and patterns that suit your body shape and scale is also key to having the right clothes and accessories in YOUR wardrobe.

And then mix this up with your lifestyle, your job and what you do every day then you can see that one size literally does not fit all!!

This is where I can come in and help….working together to find your style and create a wardrobe that works for you.

Have a look around this website for more information or book a FREE 20 minute Style Conversation to discover how I could help you feel comfortable and confident in your clothes.

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