Although tights (or stockings) are a staple in most women’s wardrobes it isn’t always easy to know which are the right ones.  Tights offer us support, coverage and warmth.  We can buy them with integral underwear, they can make you look taller &/or slimmer, change a look from day to night time and add interest to an outfit – so make them your friend and wear some dresses or skirts this winter. You could even wear them under your trousers to keep you super warm!

  • For opaque’s you need to be looking at 40+ denier.
  • In the depths of winter you may need a thicker denier. Anything from 70 up to 90 is FAB.
  • Avoid the potential itchiness of woolly tights and get yourself some thick opaques (denier 100+) – if you have the legs they can be a great alternative to leggings too.
  • Don’t forget to have some sheer tights for the party season. You can get matte, shine or shimmer options! Plan ahead and buy some now!
  • Colour and pattern can be good; to add some fun to your outfit but be careful this doesn’t shorten your legs!
  • Use tights with control pants or panels (these are like Spanx but they allow you to breathe!) Perfect to wear under a dress to smooth out any lumps and bumps!

Are you still baffled by words like denier, sheer and opaque?  Here is a quick guide…..

How to choose tights – Let’s start with deniers

The denier relates to the weight or thickness of the tights.  So the lower the denier the sheerer the appearance and more importantly the more delicate the tight!

If you buy a pair of 7 denier tights, please buy two pairs in case you get a run or ladder. These ultra-sheer tights still give your legs coverage and can iron out the blemishes; however, they are absolutely no good if you are due a leg wax! You will need to increase your denier to 10+.

A 15 denier is a good everyday tight – less likely to run but still sheer enough to see your leg.

20 – 30 denier tights were traditionally support tights to help disguise and relieve your varicose veins.

Anything 40+ in denier would be considered opaque, while woollen look tights will probably be 80 denier and above!

What about the finish?  Do you want the finish to be shiny (glam) or matte (every day)? The choice of finish can really change your look.

Also think about toes – if you are going to wear an open toed shoe, you can buy tights with a ‘sandal toe’.

Wander around a good hosiery department – you’ll be surprised what’s on offer! The choice is incredible – I remember working in the John Lewis hosiery department one summer whilst at University and there were very few options beyond 10, 20 and 30 denier tights, so enjoy the variety!

Brands to try:

Heist – fabulous fitting tights with a revolutionary design:

Wolford – an oldie but still a goodie!

Marks and Spencer + John Lewis for variety

UK Tights for variety online:

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