little black dressThe Little Black Dress (or LBD) is synonymous with party dressing and the default choice for most women when those party invites appear.

The essence of the Little Black Dress is that it is a simple style that you can wear with ease (almost forgetting that you are wearing it) and know that you look great.

The style of your Little Black Dress can vary depending on your age, figure and the event that you are attending. For example, if it is a work function it is probably more appropriate to choose a style revealing less cleavage than you might choose in a social environment!

Of course, your Little Black Dress doesn’t need to be black!

There are plenty of alternatives that could be more flattering for you if black doesn’t suit your skin tone. Think burgundy, navy, deep green, plum, gold, bronze, rust or rich chocolate brown.

If black is your only option then you could add an amazing coloured wrap over your Little Black Dress to instantly add interest and add light to your face. Or choose a Little Black Dress with a sheer fabric near your face – think lace or chiffon, as this will soften the severity of matt black. Alternatively select a dress with a bodice in a different colour or some sparkle need your face.

little black dressDesk to Party

If you are going out straight from the office you can change the look of your dress instantaneously with a clever switch of accessories.

Firstly, choose a simple Little Black Dress (or equivalent colour) in a fabric that doesn’t scream “party”. During the day at work you could wear it with a jacket or cardigan, a scarf, opaque tights and flat knee high boots.

You can then transform into Cinderella by leaving the jacket /cardigan at work, switching the scarf for a statement necklace, and perhaps adding in some sparkly earrings and a bangle; then change your tights for something sheerer, add some heels and you are good to go!!

Other things to consider when choosing your Little Black Dress are:


As I said earlier, comfort is key, because if you are comfortable in your dress you will radiate confidence much more than if you are struggling to move or breathe!! With that in mind, ensure that the dress fits you well and you don’t have to rely on super tight underwear to get the LBD on! I would only recommend “Spanx” style underwear if you know you aren’t going to be eating much and you are going to be standing for most of the evening. Otherwise choose a pair of tights that have built in control pants – these tights give a smooth line without being super restrictive!


If you don’t like your upper arms find a dress with sleeves. Lacy or sheer sleeves are a great option and saves you having to faff with a wrap or a shrug!


If you don’t want to flash your pins there are lots of longer styles available. Just below the knee is universally flattering no matter what your height.

phaseeight-mesh-dressYour Body Shape

Choose a style that flatters your shape – some top tips:

  • If you have wide thighs look for a full or A-line style
  • If you have a slim waist – don’t hide it!
  • If you have big boobs choose a v- neck or scoop neck
  • If you have good legs wear something tighter and possibly shorter
  • If you carry weight around your middle look for a shift style dress that skims not clings!

If you have more time to get ready then you could choose a LBD with shiny or sparkly fabric or there are lots of velvet options this year – you could then add a wrap or some faux fur!

And finally, take time to find your perfect “Little Black Dress” because it should be something that you can call on to wear again and again in a variety of different ways and to a variety of different events.

Dresses are from a selection at Jaeger and Phase Eight


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