Today is World Menopause Day, so in “celebration” of this I thought I would write about menopause style.

As a “woman of a certain age” and an Image Consultant I feel that I am well qualified to comment on menopause style. So many things happen to our bodies and minds during the menopause that the sheer effort of getting dressed can sometimes just be too much.

From a practical point of view, you will probably put on some weight in places that you never have before. So the styles that were your go to choices in the past, suddenly just don’t seem to work any more – even if you buy them in a bigger size!

It is important to rethink your outfit options as you go through this stage of your life (as it could last 10 – 15 years….) Many women worry about looking like “mutton dressed as lamb” or boring and “mumsy” – so is it possible to look stylish during menopause?

In my own case, if I put on weight in the past it would always go to my thighs and bottom, whilst my stomach remained relatively flat. It is a strange sensation to find that waistbands are now too tight and top buttons need to be undone!

Therefore from a practical point of view, I am wearing looser tops than in the past. But it is fine line and a bit of a balancing act, because if I go too baggy, I then lose any shape that I do have. However I have enjoyed reinventing my style and trying different garments – this is the ideal time to experiment and find clothes that are enjoyable to wear.

Top Tips for Creating Your Menopause Style

  1. Skim not cling – avoid anything that is too tight. If your clothes are too tight they will be uncomfortable and may make you look bigger than you actually are. Comfort is key and if you have to go up a size or two so that it fits properly then so be it. Clothing sizes are notoriously fickle – as different brands will size differently – if you are concerned just cut the label out!
  2. Layers – if you are suffering with hot flushes ensure that you wear a number of layers so that you can regulate your temperature easily.
  3. Natural fibres – likewise look for clothes that have a cotton, linen, flax, wool or silk base as they “breathe” better than synthetic fabrics. The only exception to this, is the addition of Lycra to some garments so that they stretch and fit more easily.
  4. Accessories – this is a great time to experiment with accessories. You may not want to have a warm scarf or heavy necklace around your face so look for lightweight options. Alternatively look for a fabulous handbag or pair of shoes; try different earrings or a bracelet. Accessories will add variety, interest and fun to your outfits.
  5. Experiment – take the opportunity to reinvent your style and enjoy the clothes that you wear. The menopause is a time to re-evaluate lots of things in your life, so look at your wardrobe with new eyes and evolve your style accordingly.

If you have any questions please ask….

And if you would like some help in your wardrobe click here

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