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Raise Your Profile

I work with ambitious, successful business leaders, consultants, and entrepreneurs who have reached or are approaching their 40’s and realise that to get the promotion, the clients &/or the partner of their dreams, they may need an injection of sartorial style…

Sometimes, no matter how successful you are, you need some extra support, advice, and guidance from an expert. You may have worked with a life or business coach, a personal trainer, or a golf instructor to improve your mind and body.

Working with an image coach is no different.

Using your wardrobe as a non-verbal tool to demonstrate who you are, and your potential is a quick and effective way of raising your profile.

How you dress is one of the quickest ways to build rapport with a future client or partner. Because as humans we believe what we see…

Find Your Style

Clothes may be a mystery to you. And with little or no desire to go shopping (either online or in reality), you may have a curious selection of garments hanging in your wardrobe, that aren’t doing you any favours.

The corporate dress code has become more and more blurred over the last few years – especially since the pandemic. A dark suit, white shirt and patterned tie may no longer be the default, correct attire for work or formal events.

But what is “Smart Casual” all about?

Most men find all this confusing and difficult to implement. As a menswear expert, I can help you to discover the right “uniform” for you. The styles, brands and colours that will elevate your image to match your ambitions.

Men’s style moves more slowly than women’s fashion, but it does change!

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Clothes can affect your mood and confidence in no other way.
Wear the right clothes and you feel invincible – ready to conquer the World.

How it Works…

The Men’s Style Sessions and Packages listed below include the traditional styling elements of colour analysis, style advice, wardrobe organisation and personal shopping.

BUT what makes working with me different to working with other image consultants is that I use my menswear retail experience, NLP and coaching skills to create practical solutions for you.

Your image is vital in many situations and I have supported clients in all of the following areas, as part of building their confidence and visibility.

Develop Your Own Dress Code

Enhance Your Personal Brand

Refine Your Social Media Profiles

Stand Out in Online Meetings

Interview Preparation

Back to Dating

Men’s Style Sessions

Take your pick from these life changing half day style sessions. These can all be completed online, via Zoom or in-person.

In just a few hours you will have a deeper understanding of the colours, styles, and brands that are perfect for you. I shop quickly & effectively, ensuring that you don’t have to be in the stores any longer than necessary!

All half day Style Sessions cost £440.

Wardrobe Workout

The perfect starting point – a colour & style intensive. Discover your best colours and use this information inside your wardrobe.

By the end of this session you will have cleared out the clutter,  organised your clothes & created a selection of new co-ordinated outfits.


Personal Shopping

The logical next step. Discover how shopping can be a breeze! Fast effective shopping strategies that will leave you energised rather than exhausted.

Fill the gaps identified in your wardrobe, and find garments that truly reflect you and your aspirations.


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Style Solution

A quick fix option for a particular situation. Perhaps you have a job interview, an event invitation or a media opportunity and need come outfit inspiration.

Colours, style and image advice all rolled into one to ensure you feel confident & composed.


Men’s Style Packages

These packages are ideal if you are seeking a promotion, wanting to increase your visibility or looking for love.

Using my NLP skills and MBTI knowledge, as well as my 30 years styling experience, means that you will experience sustainable and long lasting results, as well as useful techniques that you can replicate time after time.

Perfect if you know you want to make a bigger impact, but you don’t know where to start.

Style Shift. man and woman holding surprised faces photos

Style Shift

One intensive day to sort your style and get the recognition you deserve.

This bespoke session is perfect if want to create your Personal Brand and develop your Signature Style quickly and effectively.

Style Update

Three sessions spread over 3 months to get your wardrobe organised, sorted and ready for action!

Focussed attention to ensure you have the right clothes in your wardrobe for any eventuality.

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Style Transformation

A 9 month, in-depth personal styling and image coaching service, to manage your wardrobe.

Giving you the space & time to focus on other priorities, secure in the knowledge that your clothes are sorted.

Your Style Journey starts here...

Let’s have a conversation and see where it takes you.

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