Have you ever said “I have nothing to wear” BUT you have clothes falling out of cupboards and drawers? Surprisingly this is not the way to have choice in your wardrobe! More and more stuff doesn’t actually give you more functionality or the ability to create a variety of outfits. I will concede that if you are Kim Kardashian West &/or you have the time, space and the budget to buy outfit after outfit then this might be okay – having something new to wear everytime you go out…..but it just sounds like hard work to me!!

Your wardrobe does not need to be complicated!

If you have “nothing to wear” it is probably because you have bought outfits without any thought as to how they might fit in with your existing clothes – leaving you with lots of “orphan” garments in your wardrobe. You will probably have lots of pairs of shoes (and handbags) but they may only “work” with certain outfits. And if you love following every fashion trend the result can often be nothing to wear.

How does this happen you may ask – as women we have sooo much choice as to what we can wear and if you are juggling different roles – mother, wife, daughter, friend, colleague, boss, to name but a few, you may need different clothes for these different roles.

However if you have a plan and an understanding of the clothes that suit you and your lifestyle it can be so much easier….

Never say “I have Nothing to Wear” again!

Simplicity in your wardrobe will give you many benefits including:

  • Knowing what you own
  • Being able to see what you own!
  • Working with a simple colour palette that co-ordinates
  • Create your own personal brand
  • Using accessories to add interest and variety
  • Shop with purpose
  • Save you time, energy and money
  • Allow you to pack a suitcase quickly and efficiently

People assume that getting dressed is easy but with the overwhelm of choice it can just become a major chore and stress – I don’t want that for you, because getting dressed should be fun and enjoyable.

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