Shop Your Wardrobe

shop your wardrobe

Shopping for clothes has changed.

Unfortunately, we can no longer rely on being able to “pop down to the shops,” to have a browse and try on a selection of garments.

Online shopping has become the norm and we have become much more discerning about what we do purchase.

One way to make sure that whatever you do buy is right for you and works with your existing clothes is to “shop your wardrobe.” If you do this before you browse the internet or wander down your High Street, you can focus on what you really need.

Have you muddled along over the last few months? Wearing comfy clothes during lockdown and managing with your existing clothes. With the prospect of easing restrictions, it is time to get some order into your wardrobe!

You know that you want to sort your wardrobe BUT you keep shutting the wardrobe door, hoping it will go away….

You know sorting it would ultimately make your life easier, BUT it just feels like too much effort.

I’m here to offer you a helping hand.

I love working in my client’s wardrobes as I know that I will find forgotten gems that can become the backbone of new outfits. Sometimes all it needs is a fresh pair of eyes…

A Shop Your Wardrobe Session lasts a couple of hours and allows you to:

  • Remove the items that you don’t wear, or even like!
  • Create fantastic outfits from the clothes and accessories that you already own
  • Save time and effort in the morning, as you can clearly see your options
  • Discover any gaps in your wardrobe, so that you can then shop with confidence and not waste money on items you don’t need

You can shop your wardrobe in-person or online.

There is no need to feel embarrassed or coy – I am your unbiased friend and confidante. All I want is for you to have a wardrobe full of possibilities and clothes that you love.

Your investment for all of this is just £170

Or call the office to book your slot and discover the possibilities that are hidden in your wardrobe!


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