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Success Strategies For Shopping After Lock Down

by | 3 Jun 2020

What is shopping after lock down going to look like?

In the UK we have been given the date of 15th June, when “non-essential” shops can re-open. This includes most shoe shops, clothes stores, and charity shops.

BUT what will the new High Street look like?

Many stores like Laura Ashley and Debenhams are teetering on the edge of existence. Warehouse & Oasis are no more, and clothes shopping as we know it, will change drastically.

To maintain social distancing rules, the number of people allowed in store at any one time will be reduced dramatically. So, expect long queues in shopping malls and outside shops. AND you will have to shop alone, so no shopping trips with girlfriends or partners for a while. (The later option may be a positive!)


The Key Changes For Shopping After Lock Down

✔️New hygiene guidelines will require you do use hand sanitiser and probably wear masks. Plus there will be bottles of hand sanitiser everywhere.

✔️You will be encouraged to “browse” rather than touch any clothes.

✔️If you try on any shoes, you will have to use disposable pop socks.

✔️ALL the fitting rooms will be closed.

✔️Because the virus can stay live on surfaces for up to 72 hours, any shoes or clothes that are tried on will need to be “quarantined” &/or steamed before being allowed back on the shop floor.

It is important that we consider the staff, because they will have to deal with all this stock whilst maintaining social distancing.

On the plus side, this season there will be lots of bargains as retailers will need to clear their stock. The autumn ranges will have been ordered months ago & will already be on their way. However, I have heard that Primark and Marks & Spencer are considering storing much of this season’s stock until next year to avoid massive losses.

Shopping after lock down will certainly be different and many of will not want the bother. Online shopping is still a great option and will have saved many brands over the last few months – let’s hope it isn’t the end for our High Streets.

Alternatively, if you can’t face the shops, but would like some help, I do offer an online shopping service.

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