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Shopping for Clothes Now

by | 16 Oct 2020

Shopping for clothes has changed…


The impact of Covid19 and working from home has created far reaching consequences on how we shop, and what we will want to buy now and into the future.

The uncertainty of the current situation and a watchful eye on our purses, also makes us hesitant. We want to ensure that we make the right decision as no one wants unloved clothes languishing in their wardrobes.

The retail environment has been blown apart, and to be honest, I’m not sure how it is going to recover.


✔️ Because we can’t try on clothes in the same way and many fitting rooms are closed. The independent stores and smaller shops, may actually be the beneficiaries of these shifts.

✔️ Therefore, the small town High Streets could grow, whilst the large shopping malls will be hit hard.

✔️ I went into Watford last week and it was incredibly depressing. Now that John Lewis and Debenhams have closed, many other stores will follow suit when their rent is due. H&M have already gone and M&S have closed their 3rd floor….

✔️ What is true, is that we are going to have to adapt.

✔️ Many of us are working and socialising online. We will also be shopping online much more often, so you need to learn how to do this effectively.

✔️ I have been asking friends and clients for their thoughts on how they feel about shopping for clothes. Many haven’t shopped since February 2020, some have shopped online and others just can’t see the point as they aren’t going out anywhere…..

✔️ However there come a point when the clothes we have been wearing will be worn out and will need replacing!

Also, we all know the power of wearing something that makes us feel amazing – as it is an instant confidence boost.


Shopping for Clothes in Your Wardrobe

✔️ Another alternative is to “Shop Your Wardrobe”. It is amazing how many new outfits you can find from the clothes you already own. I love doing this and have a special offer running at the moment if you would like some help and support creating outfits.

Find out how I can help you shop your wardrobe

Once you have looked through your clothes you will then identify any gaps so that you can be much more focussed with your shopping – therefore saving you time and money

We are going to be living with these changes for a long time. And there will be clothes that we won’t wear for a while as our lifestyles have changed. Obviously it is important to minimise the effects of the pandemic but this doesn’t mean that we have to stop caring about our appearance and how we feel about ourselves.

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