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How to go Shopping for Clothes Online

by | 22 Apr 2021

Shopping for Clothes Online has its advantages and disadvantages.
It can be a bit “Marmite”, but as it has been our only option for much of the last year, many of us have got used to it!
If you haven’t been tempted so far, there is an art to doing this successfully.

My shopping for clothes online top tips.


1. Know what you are looking for…

This is because it is so much easier to focus on one type of garment at a time. Eg trousers, rather than trawling through every item available.

Choose a couple of your favourite brands to start with. This will be much less overwhelming than going straight to a large website, like John Lewis. Most sites will have different filters that you can use to narrow your search. These filters might include, colour, length, style, size &/or price.
Using these filters is especially useful if you do go to a large store site. This is because you could initially be presented with 1,000s of different options.

2. Read between the lines

Because you can’t try on the clothes before you buy them, study the images and descriptions. This really helps stop you making bad purchases and having to go to the post office all the time!
What is the fabric content? Has it got a high wool content that might make you itch? Or if you don’t like linen you might want to avoid any garments containing it. Also, is the fabric floaty or stiff – does it look like it will suit your body shape?
What are the care instructions? If something is dry clean only, I am very wary, especially if it is a blouse or a dress. I don’t like going to the dry cleaners so it would make me think twice.

3. Getting the size right.

This is the main reason why people return items, when shopping for clothes online. If it is a brand that you know well, you may know the size that you usually take with them. But, as every store’s sizing system is different, be realistic with the size that you order. That is why reading the reviews is so helpful.

The reviews can be a mine of information, with honest feedback on how the garment feels &/or fits. As with all reviews, read a few to get a sense of the feedback, so that you make the right choice. In “normal” times you can also call customer services to ask for more details. The stores want to minimise the number of returns as much as you do. Because it costs them money every time we send items back.
shopping for clothes online size cubes

4. Check the returns policy and postage charges.

Although most sites are currently offering generous options, it is always good to check because these costs can escalate. It once cost me £9 to return a child’s t-shirt – I can assure you I have never bought from that store again!
If, after considering all these elements you still want to buy, go ahead and enjoy!

5. Decide what you are going to keep.

When you receive your parcel, try everything on. If they fit and have got potential, consider how they could be worn with your existing clothes. If these new purchases work, hang them in your wardrobe with pride.
But, if they don’t work or if you have any doubts, return them as soon as possible. Otherwise you will forget, and you won’t be able to return them.
And they will then languish unloved in your wardrobe for ever more….

If this all seems like hard work, I offer a range of Style Sessions to help you feel more confident when shopping – Click here for more details

NB Shopping for Clothes Online during the Sales

Before you are tempted to go sales shopping, check through your wardrobe, and make a list of anything you are missing. That way you are less likely to over buy and can focus on what you really need…

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