I am not a great advocate of those lists that you see in magazines from time to time stating the “The ten must have items that we should have in our wardrobe.” For example, purely from a colour analysis point of view, having to have a white shirt, a little black dress, a camel coat, a navy suit, a pair of ballet pumps AND a beige trenchcoat in your wardrobe is not going to work for ANYONE!!

It goes without saying, that everyone’s life is different so why would we want or need to wear the same clothes as someone else. The items that you choose to have in your wardrobe should be a reflection of who you are, your personality, your lifestyle, possibly your age and the clothes that work for your body!!

With this in mind it is very hard to come up with a definitive list of what we should have in our wardrobe as this will vary from woman to woman. There are however a number of items that will enhance most wardrobes. I am going to spend the month of February investigating these items and recommending solutions to the problems that I see many of my clients facing on a daily basis.

As grown-up women we have hopefully moved past buying items purely because they are high fashion or the latest designer and we have some idea of what suits us (if not please book an appointment to see me!) However many of us still struggle with what to wear and how to create outfits. I am a strong advocate of a simple wardrobe, because we don’t need lots of clothes in our wardrobes – just the right ones!

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