I am conscious that my style and image coaching could be leaving a style legacy. I have worked with many amazing clients over the years. So it is fantastic when someone I used to know, suddenly contacts me out of the blue.

Catherine and I recently connected on social media and we had a catch up conversation yesterday morning. As we were chatting she told me about the impact her consultation with me had had on her life. I cheekily asked her if she could write this down for me and this is what she said…..

Reflections on Investing in Style and Image Coaching

Ten years ago as part of my 40th birthday year I invested in a style and colour consultancy session with Gail Morgan. I have just turned 50 and when I think back, I am stunned at the difference that session has made to my life,

I realise that….

Every day I open my wardrobe and feel joy – in it are clothes that fit and suit me and I feel good in. Even on the days when I’m not at my best, opening my wardrobe doors lifts me up and brings a smile to my face.

In my wardrobe are clothes that I chose years ago and I am still wearing as they work for me and I take care of them because they are key components.

I spend very little time wondering whether or not I will look good in something, as I know that because my wardrobe has been carefully honed and consciously curated anything I put on will work for me. Most items go with other things, so even if something is in the laundry there’s always another option.

My wardrobe now takes up less space not just in my mind, but also physically. Because of what I learned with Gail, I own and wear far fewer clothes now. And on the subject of waste, I rarely make mistakes. So there is no need to send bags of clothes to my local charity shop or pass anything on to a friend or e Bay it. They stay in my wardrobe and get worn.

Also I have more head space and time to get on with doing my thing – I’m a busy working mum and the less time I have taken up with how I look and what to wear then there’s more time and attention for my family, friends and work, as I don’t have to give that time and attention to what to wear. Nor do I have to spend hours shopping for things that may or may not work for me. Now when I shop, I can do a sweep by colour, then by size and then by style. Wham bam shopping is done and dusted!

So all in all that investment 10 years ago is like a gift that just keeps on giving. I’ve saved time, money and head space, and looked good and felt confident pretty much every day.

Thank you Gail for such an amazing legacy.

Thank you Catherine for your kind words about the Style and Image Coaching sessions.




To find out more about the fabulous work that Catherine does, please head over to her website





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