Your Style Success Blueprint

Create Your Personal Dress Code in 9 Weeks

Our clothes reflect how we feel about ourselves

So, what are your clothes saying about you?!

Have you become lazy when getting dressed?


Style success is difficult to achieve, especially when our confidence is low, our hormones are fluctuating and getting dressed is the hardest task to complete every morning.

Plus, working from home, being stuck behind a computer screen with only the cat and biscuit tin for company has not conducive to “dressing to impress”…

So, I am on a mission to help intelligent, professional midlife women discover the clothes that reflect who they truly are. No more hiding, staying safe, and stuck!

How you dress affects your mood, your energy, your attitude, your confidence and your (business) success. It affects how other people perceive you, your impact, and your ability to deliver.

The Ultimate Personal Style Programme

Introducing… The Style Success Programme


Containing all the information (and more!) that I share with my private, one to one clients – and giving you the opportunity to learn the insider style secrets at a fraction of the usual cost.

Experience a Colour Analysis consultation and a bonus 1:1 Image Coaching session. Understand the designs, styles, fabrics and patterns that work for your body shape, your personality and your life.

Discover simple ways to create outfits, shop like a pro and develop the perfect capsule wardrobe for you.

I’m Gail Morgan and I simplify the art of getting dressed.

As a Master Image Consultant and Coach, I work with busy, professional, midlife women who want to enjoy their clothes BUT don’t have time for 3 dress changes every morning! They are often overwhelmed by the sheer volume &/or variety of clothing options in their wardrobe that just never seem to work together…

Your clothing confidence might have been knocked due to your changing hormones, body shape, work / life situations or you want to transform your style, but have no idea where to start!

Discover the clothes that reflect who you truly are

The Style Success Blueprint is for you if…

  • Your clothes just don’t “work” any more – in fact you feel like they belong to someone else!
  • Opening your wardrobe doors makes you despair or recoil in terror
  • You’re fed up of spending money on clothes that still have the tags on…
  • You would love to have a selection of clothes and accessories that inspire you
  • You want to save time and angst in the morning, knowing that you have outfit options – no debate, no panic, just certainty

Remember what it was like when you were a child and dressing up was a game? I want you to rediscover the fun of getting dressed and the excitement of outfit creation.

Let me reassure you – this programme is not about wearing the latest fashions.  It is about finding a stylish “uniform” that WORKS for YOU.

It is a practical re-education and plan of campaign for your wardrobe that will save you time, money and stress, whilst allowing you to feel confident, comfortable and in control.

AND obviously you will look amazing!

Style Success. Little girl playing dress up

The Style Success 9 Week Programme

Discover Your Style

How do you want to be seen?

Personal Branding, Your Style Personality & Confronting your Image Demons


The basis of a versatile wardrobe

Colour Analysis, Colour Theory, the Psychology of Colour, the Power of Neutrals

Shape & Line

Discover the clothes that fit you

Body Shapes, Finding Balance, Horizontal & Vertical Lines, Distraction Techniques


The Secret Style Ingredient

Proportion, Design & Line Ideas for Shoes, Bags, Jewellery, Belts, Scarves, Glasses and More

Underwear & Swimwear

Get Your Foundations Right

Bra Fitting Essential Tips, Styles & Shapes, Knickers, Bikinis, Swimsuits and Beachwear

Wardrobe Management

Save Time & Energy in the Morning

Letting Go, Storage Solutions, Packing a Suitcase, Outfit Creation, A Capsule Wardrobe

Successful Shopping

Make it Fast, Easy and Enjoyable

Shopping Strategies – Online & In-Store, Fitting Room Etiquette, Cost per Wear, Investment Buys

Finishing Touches

The “Little” Things Matter

Grooming, The Right Fit, Clothing Care, Hair Colour, Skincare, Make-up Application

Your Dress Code

Bringing it all Together

Nailing Your Personal Brand, Creating Your Signature Style, Loving Your Clothes

“I’ve always found deciding what to wear stressful and time consuming, whether I was going out to party or out to work.  I had a wardrobe packed with clothes but nothing to wear!

That’s all changed since I completed Gail’s Style Success course.  I now know what colours suit me, which styles flatter me and the only items in my wardrobe are things that I actually like.  

Thank you, Gail, for saving me so much time and stress – I wish I’d done this course years ago!”

Julie Dennis

Specialist Menopause Speaker, Menopause in the Workplace

After the completion of the Style Success Programme you will be able to:

✔️ Enjoy stress-free shopping – as the whole experience becomes quicker, easier and much, much more successful

✔️ Stop wasting money on clothes that just sit in your wardrobe and make you feel bad

✔️ Open your wardrobe doors feeling happy and confident- knowing that you have options

✔️ Stop those desperation shopping experiences AND the panic buys

✔️ Ease the pressure, because you will understand what works for you

✔️ Stop hiding bags of discarded shopping from your partner

✔️ Stop making expensive mistakes

✔️ AND look effortlessly stylish…

How Does The Group Style Success Programme Work?

  1. A new style skill to learn and implement every week
  2. Weekly, Q&A calls to discuss your progress and your changing wardrobe.  These calls are your opportunity to ask Gail any questions, so that she can help and support you. The calls will be recorded if you can’t make it live.
  3. A private Facebook group to share your successes with Gail and the rest of the group (AKA your virtual support team)
  4. Includes a one to one online colour analysis session during week one or two to get your wardrobe inspiration started in the best possible way – includes your colour swatch (Worth £150)


5. A 30 minute, follow-up 1:1 image coaching session during week 7 or later to keep you on track, personalise your shopping wish list &/or finalise your dress code. (Priceless)

Practical Solutions to Looking & Feeling Great

Spread over 9 weeks the style steps have been broken down into easy to digest, manageable topics.

Each week you will be asked to watch and read some information that has been designed to show you what to do. You will then have a variety of tasks to complete, allowing you to keep on track and helping you to achieve the wardrobe that you really want.

You will also have lifetime access to all the information when the programme has finished, if you ever need to check any details in the future.

To support your learning, there is a fortnightly group call (scheduled for Tuesday evenings UK time). These Q&A sessions will be invaluable as you discover how you can implement your new found knowledge into actual garments and outfits. It will also give you the opportunity to interact and learn from the other people on the programme.

If you can’t make a session for whatever reason, don’t worry as they will be recorded and you can listen back afterwards.

The private Facebook group will provide ongoing support between calls and afterwards.

Why this is important…

By approaching your wardrobe transformation in this supportive way you will be able to learn at a steady pace. Secure in the knowledge that in two months you will have created the style foundations for the rest of your life.

And have a fabulous selection of summer clothes to wear!

You will have a far greater understanding of how, when and where to shop. You will know the colours, shapes and styles that work for your body.

You will create a capsule wardrobe that is right for your lifestyle and you will be able to confidently create outfits and accessorise them!

style success
I’ve always enjoyed buying and wearing clothes but before taking the course my wardrobe was a bit of a mess! It was hit or miss whether or not I felt great in my clothes and I spent a silly amount of time trying to figure out how to accessorise my outfits.
I really enjoyed the course, there was a lot of information but it was shared in manageable chunks so I could easily fit it in each week.
It was easy to access online and the experiential exercises were very useful. Now my clothes are beautifully organised and I look better because I’m dressing in a way that flatters my body and suits my personality.
I spend less time faffing when getting dressed and I’m feeling more confident. I’m also getting more compliments – it’s a win!
Tara, Nottingham

Your Investment


Lifelong access to all the information and any updates

Clothing Confidence

Proven processes to follow

Style Success that is right for you!

The investment for this programme is £350 – a mere snip when you consider the number of ‘bad buys’ or clothes hanging in your wardrobe with the tags still attached.

And if you choose the pay in full option I will also send you a copy of my favourite colour book!

Five years ago I was returning to work after maternity leave. Life had changed massively – a different figure, a job that would require smart but creative work wear and hectic lifestyle juggling work and looking after a baby.
Using Gail has literally revolutionised my life, ridding me of all the clothes that weren’t right for my colouring or figure.
Five years on, I live by the guidance she gave me, saving me hundreds of pounds in fashion mistakes and hours deliberating about what to wear and I now have a confidence boost everytime someone says how good I look. I feel better than I have in years and after my second baby I have enjoyed people telling me how well I look rather than how tired – a regular comment after my first baby!
Personally I think this down to wearing the clothes and colours that bring out the best in me.
Louise, Hertfordshire

To get your wardrobe sorted, choose from the options below…

2 x Monthly Payments

£175 x 2


Pay in Full


If you have already had a colour analysis and would now like to nail your style, you can join the programme for just £200.

Please contact the office for more details.


Tel: 01462 742241

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