The Power of a Neutral Colour

by | 18 Jan 2022

If we wore bright, bold and different shades of colour all the time, it would actually be very hard work!! You could end up looking eccentric, wearing clashing colours and it would make creating outfits very difficult.

To create a cohesive wardrobe you also need a selection of garments in neutral colours to act as a balance to the other colours.

Definitions of a Neutral Colour

Here are a few definitions that I have found:

  • A neutral colour is defined as “without colour.”
  • Or “a neutral colour helps to put the focus on other colours.”
  • Or “a neutral colour serves to tone down colours that might otherwise be overpowering on their own.”

Neutral colours include:

black, grey, navy, beige, white, taupe, cream, brown, khaki and possibly metallic.

If you want to blend in then you could create complete outfits in these neutrals. (See the images below)

But the ninja power of neutrals is that they work brilliantly with other colours and can act as a backdrop to enhance these colours.

When I am working with a client in their wardrobe or when we are shopping we need to ensure that they have enough neutral items to help them create interesting outfits.

Occasionally they have too many neutrals so we need to add colour but more often than not they have too many “orphans” or misfits – coloured or patterned garments with no way to link them together.

Neutral coloured items to have in your wardrobe

For women

  • Coat or Mac
  • Jacket – this could be a suit jacket &/or a casual jacket
  • Trousers – different styles and fabrics for different times of the year and different occasions
  • Skirt – different styles and fabrics
  • Knitwear – jumpers and cardigans
  • Vest top – great to act as a backdrop for coloured tops, jackets and accessories
  • Dress – formal, business or casual
  • Belt, handbag, scarf, shoes and boots – if you have these items in your neutral colour they will work with almost any outfit you create.

For men

  • Coat or Mac
  • Jacket – this could be a sports &/or a casual jacket
  • Trousers 
  • Suit
  • Shorts
  • T-shirts
  • Knitwear
  • Belt, bag, scarf, shoes and boots
Neutral Colour

Clothes from a selection at Reiss

Have a look in your wardrobe and see how many of these garments you already have in a neutral colour…..

If you would like to know which neutral colours would work best for you, book a colour analysis!

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