I just love the power of colour analysis and what it can do for people. I was browsing through the Sunday Times today and came across an article extolling the virtues of Colour Analysis – Hurrah!! The journalist claims that the service is coming back into fashion from its heyday in the 1980s – I have to say that from my point of view, it has never been away!!

The power of wearing colours that flatter you, brighten your eyes and lift your complexion isn’t new to me or to my clients.

“You have brought sunshine into my wardrobe and given me back my inner glow, my complexion has changed from pale and lack lustre to warm and radiant… I’m enjoying the vibrancy of my new colours, I feel alive again! Thank you.”

Aisling, Hertfordshire


In the article Melissa Nicholson of Kettlewell Colours is quoted as saying that following a consultation, “People are frequently accused of having had work done. Their clothes appear more expensive, and they look slimmer and fitter in them. Finding your colours can knock off 10lb and 10 years.”

Following a colour analysis session, I have had clients being accused by their friends and colleagues of having an affair!! This is because they have exuded a kind of “glow”! Apart from the confidence boost of all these compliments – the other major benefit of a colour analysis consultation is that you can work with this palette of colours to build a mix and match wardrobe of clothes. This will ultimately save you time and money as your clothes co-ordinate and outfit building becomes a breeze….It also offers you the opportunity to create a simple wardrobe with ease.

A colour analysis session can literally change your life and the way that you see yourself and your clothes. It can also help you when choosing make-up and accessories as everything is linked together. This session takes little more than an hour but it will revolutionise your wardrobe forever…

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