We need to wear more colour. Today is “Blue Monday”- so called because it is meant to be the most depressing day of the year…with the fun of Christmas a distant memory but with the bills still to be paid. Plus in the northern hemisphere, we have the prospect of a few more months of cold and miserable weather.

So to lift our mood I am starting the “Wear more colour challenge” today! This is not a detailed or planned challenge, in fact I only decided to run it at 5am this morning (I am still suffering from jet lag!) So it may be a bit rough around the edges but the information will hopefully inspire you to wear more colour.

Over the next couple of weeks I will look in more detail at various aspects of colour and how wearing different colours can add variety to your wardrobe, add impact to your outfits and even help you look younger!

Most of all it is going to be fun and hopefully lift our mood.

How to Wear More Colour

Your challenge for today is simply to wear some colour! In the winter we tend to hibernate or “hide away” and one of the easiest ways of doing this is to wear dark, dull colours. Look around you….how many people are wearing black, navy, charcoal grey or chocolate brown? The easiest way to lift your mood is to wear more colour!

Over the next 2 weeks I am going to challenge you to wear different colours, or at least lift the dark colours with a scarf!

The challenge is happening in my Facebook group.

Let the fun begin….

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