I have been busy this week running a Wardrobe Challenge – looking at the different elements that make up an interesting and effective wardrobe. If you would like to find out more, join the supportive Facebook group here.

We are promised a warm and sunny weekend in the UK – perfect timing to search out your summer clothes and start the shift over from heavy winter clothes to something lighter.

This is a major wardrobe challenge for most of my clients because it isn’t quite warm enough for linen and flip flops yet, but the Uggs and wool coat would be too much!

Transitioning Your Wardrobe – the Key to a Successful Wardrobe

To have a workable wardrobe it is important to move any “out of season” clothes out of your everyday wardrobe – this might be into another room, another wardrobe, a storage bag or a separate drawer. This is so that when you open your wardrobe doors you could potentially wear any of the garments in there – saving the time and hassle of fighting your way past thick polo neck jumpers in July!

As I’ve said, this time of year can be tricky as we can be seduced by the odd warm day but as a good northern lass I was always taught, “Ne’er cast a clout till May be out” – which basically means don’t pack away your vests until the end of May!

BUT we probably can start to introduce some of our summer clothes and pack away the heavier winter garments. If you have never used this concept of packing away out of season clothes then you probably need to go and have a good rummage at the back of your wardrobe but for those of you who already use this technique take the opportunity this weekend or over the Easter break to start transitioning your wardrobe.

When you are doing this, take the opportunity to really look at your winter clothes and analyse each garment –

  • Did you wear this item during the last 6 months?
  • Will you ever wear it again?
  • Did you wear it so much that the item is now threadbare and needs replacing?!
  • Did you enjoy wearing it?

Be realistic and if there are some garments that you know in your heart of hearts that you won’t wear again, there is little point in keeping it and storing it for the next few months so sell it or give it away. If you are unsure then pack it away in a suitcase with a note on it saying “do not open until September”!

If you need help doing this then give me a call because I LOVE organising wardrobes!!

The way to navigate the next 6 weeks is to use layers so that if it does get warmer during the day you can regulate your temperature! Go for cardis with jackets, duster coats rather than puffer jackets and lightweight scarves rather than woolly ones. Also try wearing your jeans with sandals, flipflops or loafers to help the transition from socks and boots.

But most of all enjoy feeling the warmth of the sun again!

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