What to Wear on Christmas Day

by | 10 Dec 2018

Oooh that’s a bit of a conundrum isn’t it, wondering what to wear on Christmas Day?? To a certain extent it obviously depends on what you are doing.

If you are staying home all day with your nearest and dearest then you may be able to get away with pyjamas, onesies or elasticated waist leisure wear! However if you are meeting other people, going for a walk, going to church &/or you like the idea of “dressing up” what are you going to choose?

Having spoken to my clients it appears that the options are as follows.

The options that you could wear on Christmas Day

The Christmas Jumper – the “fun” option, especially if you are going round to the neighbours (memories of Bridget Jones come to mind!) or you are relaxing with family. However, (and speaking from experience!) if you are the one doing the cooking it is highly likely that the combination of wool, heat and possibly hormones, could mean that you end up looking hotter than the dinner!

Dress and Heels – the smart option. Great if you are going to be a guest somewhere. This could be a hotel or restaurant or at someone else’s house. Perfect if you don’t have to cook or worry about washing up – just make sure the outfit isn’t too tight!!

Sparkles and Comfort – the versatile option. A pretty or sparkly top with a comfortable skirt, jeans, trousers or leggings; or a dress that is simple and comfortable with sparkly accessories. This option gives you the opportunity to eat, drink and be merry; don an apron; wear comfy shoes/boots for a walk and wear your slippers when you get home!

This year I will hopefully be wearing a swimsuit and sarong as I will be on Bondi Beach!!

Whatever you are planning this Christmas I wish you a happy and fun filled day wearing clothes that are comfortable and stylish.

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