“What is Image Consultancy?” – a client asked me this question recently and it made me step back and think…

The simple answer would be to say that I help my clients to look and feel better by teaching them how to find the clothes that suit them. But there is so much more to what I do than just this.

Yes the backbone of an image consultancy service is to analyse a client’s colouring, body proportions and personality to advise them on the best colours and styles of clothes to suit them. But this external packaging is often only part of the image consultancy equation. Even though appearance contributes enormously to the perception we present to the outside world, there are other elements that needs to be considered when I am working with someone on their “personal brand”.

For example someone may look amazing but if their voice, grooming, manners or body language don’t match the standard or the style of their clothes then there is a disconnect and the viewer may subconsciously feel wary or uncomfortable.

For me Image Consultancy is all about Perceptions and Impression Management

The elements of Image Consultancy are often referred to as the “ABCs of Image.”

A is for Appearance – this could include the services of colour analysis, style analysis, wardrobe organisation and personal shopping. All with the goal of creating a wardrobe of flattering, appropriate and comfortable garments that reflect the client’s lifestyle and personality. Make-up and grooming advice are also important elements of a person’s overall appearance.

B is for Behaviour – this is when I can delve deeper, looking at different aspects of body language and etiquette. These could include handshakes, meeting and greeting, networking and eye contact.

C is for Communication – this may include vocal, written and online communication. If there is some incongruence between a person’s vocal tone, pitch and intonation, and their visual image I would alert my client and perhaps suggest working with a recommended voice coach. I also find that my NLP training allows me to coach clients on how to communicate effectively with others by understanding their preferred way of communicating.

Image Consultancy is about bringing all three elements together because in combination they help us create a strong, believable and effective Personal Brand.

If you would like to learn more about what image consultancy could offer you please call or email me to arrange a time to speak. Or experience a Style Shift Day – a chance for you to focus on your image and how you would like others to perceive you.

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