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Getting dressed should be fun, not something to be endured!

Our clothes should make us feel amazing, invincible, attractive, powerful, and professional or whatever adjective is appropriate for you…

It’s all about how your clothes make you feel….

There is so much choice when we look around the shops and often as we get older or achieve more senior positions it is harder to make the right choice. However we still have to get dressed every day.

  • Do you have a wardrobe full of beautiful “orphans” – fabulous garments that unfortunately just don’t seem to work together?
  • Are you not that bothered about clothes but you know that your choices are undermining your impact at work – you just want a simple solution and a “uniform” that works for you?
  • Are you so busy that you don’t the time or inclination to go shopping to try and sort the problem out?
  • Or do you panic buy something online – hoping that will fix the issue!

There is a solution!

I can guide you through simple processes to understanding the colours and styles that work for you; organise your wardrobe; create outfits and then go shopping to fill the gaps.

This will save you time and streamline the whole process of getting dressed so that you know you have “go to” outfits ready in your wardrobe for whatever your schedule might throw at you.

So if you despair every time you open your wardrobe doors please contact me because I would love you to experience the joy of wearing clothes that make you shine and get you noticed for all the right reasons.

There are a number of ways that you can work with me

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For Her

Style for Her

You are busy – juggling everything life throws at you and although you have clothes in your wardrobe, you still have nothing to wear. You know you want to look a certain way but what to do and how to start….

For Him

Style for Him

You are successful in your life and career, but you know that your wardrobe is letting you down. You want to look stylish and confident – getting dressed in the morning should be a lot easier than it currently is….


corporate style training

First impressions really count! Are you and your employees representing your company in the right way through their clothing, grooming and body language? Bespoke training sessions for individuals and groups….

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