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Looking the part

As humans we believe what we see, so if you, or your employees, “look the part” you will be viewed as more believable, more congruent and ultimately more successful.

Most companies will invest considerable time and money into their corporate branding, advertising, website and mission statement, but then neglect to consider their employees and how their appearance might affect the overall corporate brand.

Whether you are meeting new clients, the general public or colleagues from another office it is vital that you build rapport quickly so that you and your company are represented in the right way. One of the easiest ways to do this is through your clothing, grooming and body language.   Before you even open your mouth you will have made an impression on that person.

“Apparel oft proclaims the man” – Shakespeare

Whether your corporate dress code is formal or more dress down, corporate style training can build your confidence and help you to build an appropriate work wardrobe that will reflect both you and your company in a positive way.

For individuals or groups, I can offer bespoke coaching sessions or interactive seminars covering the importance of first impressions, executive presence, image management and creating an effective personal brand. These sessions can range from a 60 minute presentation, to half day or full day seminars, and can include personal advice and feedback if required.

Corporate Style Training works for companies who recognise the value in investing in their staff and appreciate the importance of a relevant and authentic professional presence.

It is especially suitable for:

  • Client facing employees
  • Graduate trainees
  • Leadership development candidates
  • Potential senior executives

Presentation Skills Training

Traditionally Presentation Skills Training has focussed on the structure, content and delivery of a presentation with scant regard for how one might dress for maximum impact. I’m sure you can think of a workshop, seminar or presentation that you have attended in the past that may have contained amazing content but that was forgotten in a flash because the speaker looked like he or she was about to burst out of their shirt!

If you or members of your team need presentation skills support, I can combine corporate styling with all the traditional elements of delivering a successful presentation, so that you can feel comfortable and assured whilst “on stage”.

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