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Do you need some help in your wardrobe?

Are you frustrated with your existing clothes?

You are an intelligent, successful, capable, and professional woman, but for some reason you lack confidence when it comes to getting dressed. You have now got to a point in your life where you need some support and help, to ensure that you are dressing in a way that shows your true potential.

Are you are unsure of the “right” way to go?

If you don’t have the time, knowledge or inclination to sort this out on your own, I would love to help….

To create a Workable Wardrobe you need 6 key elements

I believe that there are 6 key elements of a workable wardrobe – you need to:

  1. Know and understand the colours that flatter you
  2. Appreciate your body shape, line and scale, in order to find the ideal clothes for you
  3. Your personality and lifestyle
  4. Manage your wardrobe
  5. Use accessories to add interest and variety
  6. Shop effectively

Make your life easier, save time and have one less decision to make in the morning… All this is possible when your wardrobe contains a simple selection of fabulous clothes that just work!

You have a busy diary and you are able to outsource many things – food shopping, child care, personal training, cleaning, so why not your wardrobe?

This is where I can help….

What does your Wardrobe need?

Colour Analysis

Colour Analysis

Build your capsule wardrobe around colours that co-ordinate together and actually flatter your natural colouring….

Wardrobe Management

Wardrobe Management

Lots of clothes, but do you still never have anything to wear? Discover and create new outfits from your existing clothes….

Personal Shopping

Effective Shopping

The perfect solution if clothes shopping leaves you feeling confused and overwhelmed - save time, money and stress….


The Wardrobe That Works online programme

The Wardrobe That Works Online Style Programme, 8 easy steps covering all you need to create the perfect wardrobe for you….


Woman Style Session

Style Sessions – One to one colour, wardrobe and shopping sessions – simple processes that will make a massive difference.


Style Shift Day

Style Shift Days – Personalised, bespoke days where we focus on you and how you want to appear to your audience, colleagues, boss &/or clients


Style VIP

Style VIP Programme – The ultimate elite wardrobe management programme whereby I get to know your wardrobe inside out


image consultant speaker

Style Events – Presentations, Workshops and Online Masterclasses to build your confidence and help you discover your style.


corporate style training

Corporate style training - Bespoke training sessions for teams and individuals - Presentation Skills with a difference….

What I love about Gail is the way that she makes ‘style’ really accessible.  Since she’s given me an understanding of some basic style principles – particularly colour and scale – it’s revolutionised my wardrobe and made shopping SO much easier. I’m far more confident in my choice of clothes because I now know exactly what to look for… and what to steer well clear of!

Karen Knott

Inspirational Coach, Prime Time Business

Not sure?

You may feel that as a woman you should somehow just know about clothes, fashion and style, but what if you haven’t got the time or confidence to figure it all out on your own?

To read more about how I work and the concept of a simple wardrobe – please head over to the blog.

I’m here to help you.

Book a call with me to get started.

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