For Her

Do you need some help in your wardrobe?

Are you frustrated with your existing clothes? You are an intelligent, successful, capable and professional woman, but for some reason you lack confidence when it comes to getting dressed. You have now got to a point in your life where you need some support and help, to ensure that you are dressing in a way that shows your true potential.

If you are unsure of the “right” way to go &/or if you don’t have the time, knowledge or inclination to sort this out on your own, I can help….

To create a Workable Wardrobe you need 5 key elements

I believe that there are 5 key elements of a workable wardrobe – you need to:

  1. Know and understand the colours that flatter you
  2. Appreciate your body shape and therefore the clothes that will look good on you
  3. Manage your wardrobe
  4. Use accessori