Style Sessions

Personal Stylist Sessions – Simple Processes, Massive Difference

One to one colour, wardrobe and shopping sessions – simple processes that will make a massive difference.

Is your wardrobe letting you down and not reflecting you in the right way anymore? Your life, body and career might have changed but your style and clothes knowledge have stagnated leaving you in a quandary, wondering what to wear. As a Personal Stylist I can help!

It isn’t difficult to achieve calm in your closet and with my support and guidance we can create a simple workable wardrobe that reflects your current life &/or career, as well as allowing you to enjoy your clothes. I don’t force you into garments that you wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing but you will learn so much about what is possible with often just a few tweaks.

There are 3 key elements that allow you to create this simple workable wardrobe:

Colour Analysis

Colour Analysis

Build your capsule wardrobe around colours that co-ordinate together and actually flatter your natural colouring….

Wardrobe Management

Wardrobe Management

Lots of clothes, but do you still never have anything to wear? Discover and create new outfits from your existing clothes….

Personal Shopping

Effective Shopping

The perfect solution if clothes shopping leaves you feeling confused and overwhelmed - save time, money and stress….

Next step

You can take each of these elements in turn or combine them together them for a quicker and more effective change.

If you know you are in need of a wardrobe overhaul, book a call with me now so that we can get started

Lovely to meet you on Saturday - it was a life changing day I feel. I’ve already chucked away lots of make-up and thought long and hard about the clothes I'm wearing......I have had loads of compliments this week and a few "you look well" comments - not normal on the school run or in the office , I can tell you!



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