Colour Analysis

A Colour Analysis Session Will Change Your Life!!

Imagine opening your wardrobe doors and seeing a selection of colours that all co-ordinate together….

AND your wardrobe is built around colours that actually flatter your natural colouring (hair, eyes and skin tone). So that when you wear these shades people can’t stop complimenting you!

All this is possible following a Colour Analysis Consultation 

After a Colour Analysis, your confidence will increase as people notice you – they might ask, “What’s changed – a holiday, a diet or a new partner?” But all that will have changed is the colour that you are wearing next to your face!

Knowing these flattering colours will save you oodles of time and money, when you are organising your wardrobe and when you are going shopping.

As part of the colour analysis process you will also receive a colour “swatch” a credit card sized wallet containing a selection of your best colours to keep and use when shopping or organising your wardrobe.

Colour Analysis really is the secret sauce to getting dressed effortlessly, because it is impossible to create a workable, simple, capsule wardrobe without basing it around a few key colours.

Therefore, you may as well use colours that are going to suit you, as well as co-ordinate with one another – So no more worrying about whether garments will “go” together…..

“The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you!” Coco Chanel

Following a Colour Analysis you will never look at your clothes or go shopping in the same way ever again!!

You can discover your ideal colours during the following sessions:

A Colour Analysis Consultation for Women – also includes a make-up lesson, using complimentary cosmetics. This fabulous makeover session costs £150 one to one, or £130 each for 2 or 3 people.

A Virtual Colour Analysis Session – Perfect if you live far away, we can’t meet face to face due to lockdown restrictions, or you want to discover your colours quickly.

Wardrobe Management Session – The launch pad to your new wardrobe – includes: Colour Analysis, Body Shape and Wardrobe Organisation

Style Shift Day – An amazing day and the chance to pinpoint your personal style for business or for your social life – to include: Colour Analysis, Body Shape and Clothing Style, Wardrobe Organisation, Outfit Creation and Personal Branding

Style VIP – A Style Genie in your wardrobe! One to one style coaching over 12 months to include, Colour Analysis, Make-up Lesson, Body Shape and Clothing Style, repeated Wardrobe Management sessions, Outfit Creation, Personal Branding and multiple Personal Shopping Trips

Gail gave me confidence, eased my daily wardrobe choices and instigated a much needed life change.  

After having my second daughter, I thought it completely acceptable to wear oversized black joggers and black tops with a hint of grey or white.  I had never been too conscious of what I looked like so this became the norm, and although I was aware of the lack of care, it really didn’t bother me.  A friend introduced me to Gail and I was excited to have the opportunity to have my colours assessed.  It was a fun, relaxed and enlightening session and I was inspired by the process.  However, when I left with my new colour palette, I was completely distraught, as every single item in my wardrobe was wrong and had to go.  Gail managed to gently encourage me to take small steps, she gave me some great tips to start my new wardrobe and I seriously haven’t looked back.  In fact, some may say I’m slightly obsessed about wearing the right colours, but the instant gratification and compliments from those around me assured me it was absolutely the right thing to do.  Out with the black and in with light, bright and warm.  

Gail helped me begin my journey, my wardrobe now coordinates and shopping and dressing is enjoyable.  Most importantly Gail taught me to love and care about myself and I will be eternally grateful to her.  Everyone needs a Gail in their lives and I will continue recommending her.”

Kate Black

Nutritional Therapist, Bespoke Nutritional Therapy

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