Wardrobe Workout

The Wardrobe Workout Session – Discover the Hidden Treasures in your Wardrobe

Our most popular session – combining Colour & Style Analysis with Wardrobe Management. All you need to confidently start creating co-ordinating outfits. I can guarantee to find new options from your existing clothes – often discarded at the back of your wardrobe!

I see your clothes differently from you; I am impartial and can quickly sort the “wheat from the chaff”; showing you how to combine garments and accessories to create new looks from the clothes that you already own and then compile a shopping list of your future purchases and where to buy them.

The Wardrobe Workout Session is all about organising your wardrobe to suit you and your lifestyle so that you have a selection of flattering clothes and accessories, with numerous outfit options to choose from. To ensure that this is as effective as possible this session includes a colour analysis and some style advice.

We will spend time together considering the clothes that you need in your life – working methodically through your wardrobe, sorting the fabulous from the not so fabulous and discovering where the gaps are, ready for future shopping trips.

Leaving you with a smaller but beautifully co-ordinated, stress-free capsule wardrobe that you will be excited to wear!

The ½ day Wardrobe Management session takes place at your house and costs £350 or if you need more help a full day (6 hours) costs £450.

Afterwards you will know the colours, shapes and styles that flatter your body and we will have laid the foundations for your organised wardrobe.

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If you have any questions as to how this would work for you, book a free, no obligation one to one Style Discovery Call with me to learn more.

I WAS just a regular Mum, who worked hard to run a home and juggle 2 small boys and a hubby. There were days when nothing felt right and others when I would feel amazing – and it would impact on the family – and then I made contact with Gail and everything changed!

Once I had had my colours done, I didn’t feel like a regular Mum any more. I felt like I had been given a secret code! Gail worked through my wardrobe, weeding out the clothes that either didn’t fit me or were the wrong colour and shape for me – It was so empowering!

What I was left with was a very modest wardrobe, but the confidence that everything that I owned I could wear with pride and it’s amazing how once you have that, you project a very different you. Gail is now part of my shopping budget, she is affordable and has saved me a huge amount of money – stopping me buying clothes that weren’t right for me and helping me to look and feel great.

Julie Bream

PA, Hertfordshire

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If you have any questions as to how this would work for you, book a free, no obligation one to one Style Discovery Call with me to learn more.

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