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Do you need some help in your wardrobe?

You are a man approaching, or over 40 years old but you still don’t seem to have cracked the code to getting dressed and although you are successful in other areas of your life and career you know in your heart of hearts that your wardrobe is letting you down and you just can’t “wing” it anymore.

Perhaps you haven’t got the promotion that you feel you deserve or found the perfect partner or you are just too busy – however you realise that your image or personal brand could do with some assistance. It is all too easy to let this slide, but with some quick and simple, but effective changes, it is possible to create a confident wardrobe that represents you in the right way for your current and future lifestyle and career. Saving you both time and money as you can focus on the clothes that work for you.

If you need guidance on the right colour clothes to choose then a Colour Analysis Session can make a massive difference to your shopping experience and your ability to create co-ordinated outfits. If you need support when you are shopping then I can help you quickly and easily navigate the stores with a Personal Shopping Session, saving you time and energy so that you can focus on other things!

All of my services can be tailored to your requirements, so call me to discuss what you need or you may wish to invest in a Style Shift Day.

Style Shift Day

If you spend a Style Shift Day with me we will overhaul your current wardrobe, look at the colours, styles, brands and garments to give you a simplified but more effective wardrobe and then go shopping to fill any gaps. We will look at creating your Personal Brand and how to navigate the whole Dress Down /Smart Casual conundrum – do you need shirts and ties or smart jeans and loafers?

After a Style Shift Session you can expect to look, feel and shop differently, confident in your clothing choices and how you want to be perceived by other people. Such a simple process but with massive implications …..

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If you have any questions as to how this would work for you, book a free, no obligation one to one Style Discovery Call with me to learn more.

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