Your Image when you Work from Home

by | 9 Mar 2020

If you are a solopreneur you probably work from home most days. But with the escalating issues around the spread of Coronavirus, many of you may well be forced out of the office in the near future.

In this situation, how do show up at “work”?

Do you roll out of bed, grab a coffee and open up your laptop ready to start? Admittedly you’re still in your PJs and your hair needs a brush but you are “at your desk”.

Or do you spend time getting ready, choosing work appropriate clothes and applying make up?

Self-isolation may well become the norm for the next few months. And if you are physically well, you will probably need to communicate more and more via video conferencing.

Those of us that work from home normally are aware of the wonders (and drawbacks) of Zoom calls. However, I still see people making mistakes. So here are a few ideas for improving and maintaining your image via video conference calls.

Maintaining your Professional Image if you Work from Home

  1. Wear “work” clothes (at least on your top half!) & maintain your normal level of grooming – wash hair, paint your nails, wear make-up etc. We will generally feel better and perform better if we have made an effort.
  2. Wear interesting accessories near your face &/or a collared shirt – this brings focus here. However, avoid bright, shiny or big necklaces as they can be a distraction!
  3. Locate the camera lens on your computer or phone & look at that when you are speaking, rather than at the picture on the screen! If you struggle with this, move the thumbnail images of the other participants to under your camera lens.
  4. Think about your lighting – try and get some natural light on your face. This is much more flattering or look for a cheap ring light with a soft filter.
  5. And consider your backdrop. What is happening behind you? Remove the washing-up, the ironing board or kid’s toys!

Having to work from home may well become the new way of working for many of us to save on commuting time and pollution. This might be the start of a more long term movement.

To find out more about the possible demise of the office read this LinkedIn article

And if you want to take the opportunity to use your self isolation to improve your style and image, I offer personalised online sessions and The Style Success Online Programme.

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