Ditch Wardrobe Overwhelm!

Get your closet sorted in 5 days

Starts on 25th October 2021

This is for you if…

  • Your clothes just don’t “work” any more – they don’t fit, they’re uncomfortable and you feel like they belong to someone else
  • Opening your wardrobe doors makes you despair or recoil in terror
  • You have lots of clothes, but you still seem to wear the same old things
  • You want to save time and angst in the morning

I’m Gail Morgan and I simplify the art of getting dressed.

As a Master Image Consultant and Coach, I work with busy, professional, midlife women who want to enjoy their clothes BUT are overwhelmed by the variety of clothing options and brands out there.

I will be your guide during the challenge, breaking down the decluttering process, whilst offering you simple and practical advice, so that you feel comfortable in your clothes.

BEFORE I met Gail I would stand in front of my wardrobe wondering what to wear, I made knee jerk purchases, based around items that were baggy enough to hide my bottom and were a reasonable price.  I felt frumpy and like I had been left behind. 

Gail inspired me and in turn it has had a huge impact on my life and the life of my family, because I began to gain confidence and flourish once more – all because I got my wardrobe and my clothes working for me. 

And so now, with Gail’s help I feel I have nailed the fundamentals of being a woman.  I have clothes that make me feel great.  I wear everything I own and I add key pieces to my wardrobe that I know will work for me in the future.  AND I have created my own signature style that people compliment me about!

Juliet Jacobs

Virtual Assistant, Hertfordshire, Virtually Jules

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