Even though we have been in various forms of lockdown and working from home for a year, many people are still making simple mistakes and undermining their professional online image.

Online working, dating, and socialising is going to continue for a while. So, it is important to know how to maximise your opportunities to impress virtually.

In business, a poor visual image can undermine all your hard work and skills – and this is true in both the online and offline world.

Thankfully, there are a number of easy solutions to this dilemma – see my top tips below.

I discussed many of these during my interview, recorded last week, with Rachel McGuiness from The Zest Wellbeing Hub

How to maximise your Online Image and Impact


  1. Be aware of online etiquette – When to speak, where to look, your body language, and avoid multi-tasking!
  2. Backdrops – What to choose? You could try a green screen, a curtain, a plain wall or one of the Zoom backdrops. Also be aware of what is happening in the background and is this distracting?
  3. Position & lighting – Face a window or balance the lighting with ring lights or LED boxes. Consider the camera angle, so that your face is always in the middle of the screen.
  4. Clothes / Grooming – Wear make-up & do your hair. Create interest around your face with a collar, necklace, or scarf. Avoid wearing anything distracting – sparkles, large patterns, stripes &/or red.
  5. Dress Codes – These are changing. Formal, corporate dressing is unnecessary in most working from home situations. However there is a massive gap between suits and loungewear, so what could your wear instead, whilst still appearing comfortable and confident.

The aim is that you are noticed on screen for all the right reasons!

If you would like some support with your online image, take a look at my one to one Style Sessions

To watch the video of my conversation with Rachel, grab a cuppa, Click Here and enjoy!


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