I read an interesting article by Marina Gask in The Telegraph recently, all about “age appropriate dressing” and breaking the style “rules” of getting older.

As actress Sarah Jessica Parker recently said:

“What am I going to do about it? Stop ageing? Disappear?”

As people were commenting on social media about how much older she looks now compared to the last time she played Carrie on TV – which was 18 years ago!!

There often is a sense of becoming invisible as we approach our 50’s and 60’s, especially for women as we negotiate the menopause. But the urge to retire into beige, head to Country Casuals and hide our grey hair has thankfully changed!

“Age Appropriate” is a terrible phrase – along with, “mutton dressed as lamb”, and “you look good for your age” – all implying a judgement about what we can and can’t wear based solely on our age…

Most of my clients are 45+ with senior roles or running their own businesses. They are fit and vibrant, so want their style and clothes to reflect this.

Social media has perhaps increased the pressure to look good for both men and women, but creating your own personal style is empowering and there is no need to look like our grannies or grandfathers did as they reached midlife.

There are of course options available to intervene and fight the signs of ageing, but many of us are eschewing this and celebrating our wrinkles with great skincare, nutrition, and exercise.

Shall we wear purple?

I have always loved the sentiment expressed in the poem by Jenny Joseph,

“Warning: When I am an Old Woman, I Shall Wear Purple”.

The liberation of wearing what she wants and not caring, is great!

Although, I’m not sure if I will ever be seen in purple and red!

appropriate dressing

I read another article in The Times this week celebrating style icons over 50 – take a look at these inspirational women who have found their style!

Click here to read the article

age appropriate style icons

What this is all about is having an inner confidence, which often comes with experience.

We know we don’t have to be slaves to fashion but having a signature style that makes you feel good, is so empowering.

Getting older is a privilege, so let’s celebrate that…

If you would like any support finding your signature style take a look at my services.

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