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by | 16 Feb 2021

and ourI have always loved experimenting with skincare – trying new products, learning about different ingredients as well as seeing and feeling the difference.

I have trained hundreds of people on how to apply skincare and to choose the products that work best for them.

We always wear our skin, it is on show everyday, so it is important to look after it.

Plus, make-up will look sooo much better if it is applied to a smooth canvas.

My grandmother taught my sister and I to invest in skincare as she didn’t want us to end up like our great aunt, who she said looked like a “wrinkled prune!”

But there are so many products out there – so which ones to choose?

If you do nothing else focus on 3 key products – cleanser, toner and moisturiser.

To find out more, grab a coffee, click on the thumbnail and watch my recent video all about skincare basics, or read on for my top tips!


Skincare Theory

The skin is the largest organ in the body and is made up of 50 – 75% water – that’s why we are always told to drink more water

The skin is incredibly clever and has 5 main functions.

  1. Defence – it protects the body against infection, invasion, and UV light.
  2. Regulates temperature – we sweat to cool down and create goosebumps to warm us up, as this traps the air.
  3. Sensory organ – our skin responds to touch, pain, pressure, & heat. Using thousands of nerve endings to give us information about our environment.
  4. Creates vitamin D – this is the easiest way for us to produce vitamin D without a supplement.
  5. Maintain the acid mantle – our skin is naturally acidic (5.5) – sebum has anti-bacterial & anti- fungal qualities to protect the skin. Avoid alkaline cleansing products as these can strip skin & make it very dry.


Skin Ageing

Unfortunately, everything slows down as we age – and this includes the regeneration of skin cells. Plus, the collagen and elastin fibres become less stable, which causes our skin to stretch & sag. Resulting in fine lines & wrinkles, plus drier skin.

Skin ageing factors

  • Skin starts to age from 25 years old…
  • Heredity factors often influence how well our skin will age.
  • Sun exposure will have a massive effect on our skin
  • Lifestyle – drinking, smoking, and partying will all have an impact
  • Skin type – the drier your skin, the more obvious will be the signs of ageing

Be aware of the ingredients in your skincare

Unfortunately, there are many products for sale that contain cheap fillers. These feel soft on your skin, but actually block your pores and stop your skin functioning correctly.

Avoid – Mineral oil / petroleum by products / lanolin
Look for – Hyaluronic acid, A,B,C, and E vitamins, Aloe vera and sustainably sourced natural ingredients. And look for products that are certified vegan, and cruelty free.

To add to your basic daily skincare regime I would recommend adding a serum (or two) to target your specific needs, use a mask and exfoliate your skin a couple of times a week plus, if required, add a night cream or eye cream into the mix.

I have recently started using the Tropic range of products and I am blown away at the difference they have made to my skin, so I am now an Ambassador for both the skincare and make-up!

Click here to find out which products would work best for your skin, or contact me for a free consultation.

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