Wardrobe Organisation

by | 26 Oct 2021

I had a fabulous day on Friday helping a client organise her wardrobe(s) so that she now has calm and clarity when she is deciding what to wear.

This Wardrobe Workout Session is one of my favourite things to do.

Half a day to streamline your wardrobe and discover the colours, styles and items that you need to have in order to reflect your lifestyle. And every session is different because we all need different clothes, depending on our particular lifestyle.

This client has a varied social life, alongside running a successful family business, therefore it was important for her to differentiate her clothes for these areas of her life. In this situation it was vital to take the event or party outfits out of her everyday wardrobe, so that she is able to focus on what she can wear most days.


How Wardrobe Organisation Happens…

This session is perfect for de-cluttering those items that no longer suit us or serve us. We all have them….. and a friend or charity will be better off as a result!

It is also an opportunity to “shop in your wardrobe”, as I always find a couple of amazing gems hiding in the back of the wardrobe.

These items might need altering or the client may simply have forgotten about them. But once found, they are suddenly given a new lease of life.

During the session I also give advice on how to combine garments together, so that you can create a series of new outfits from your existing clothes.

Having and using accessories are vital to an interesting wardrobe. So we spend time looking at how to use these in future outfit creation.

And finally, I pinpoint any gaps in the wardrobe and leave you with a potential shopping list.

This is the message my client emailed me on Saturday:

“Thank you Gail I really enjoyed yesterday & it was most helpful. I’ve now reorganised my wardrobe and find I have 2 empty drawers plus a shelf!
I resisted the urge to keep everything. I sorted through, packed a bag of the best/nicest items for my daughters to look through and this morning have donated the rest to charity.
I have taken all the boots in to be revived (if possible) and put 4 items in to be altered. The lady reckons she can easily make that blue silk top smaller. Looking good!
So thank you for motivating me to do all those things. Thanks also for the suggested shopping list. I have ordered the trousers, they look great! So hey, what a productive few hours.
Wearing my yellow jumper and scarf today!”

If you would like to get clarity in your wardrobe, I’d love to help – Click here to find out more

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