Raynaud’s Disease is a common condition affecting about 1 in 6 people in the UK. Do you often have cold hands &/or feet? Then you could be living with Raynaud’s.

If you have Raynaud’s the small blood vessels in the extremities of the body are very sensitive to changes in temperature or stress. The main indicator that you are having a Raynaud’s attack is that your fingers or toes will turn white, then blue/purple or bright red. This process can last a few minutes or much longer. The digits will also tingle and may be painful or stiff as they return to “normal”.

I have suffered from Raynaud’s for as long as I can remember – spending time swimming in the North Sea in my youth would always be rewarded with blue fingers and toes! And I spent a couple of hours in the sick bay at high school after playing hockey one cold afternoon, with the nurse trying to defrost my feet in a bucket of warm water!

My symptoms are now fairly mild and I know how to control them to prevent an attack. The condition is often hereditary and my daughter also suffers.

The main way to prevent attacks is to avoid extremes of temperature – an attack can happen just walking past the supermarket freezers in summer!

How to Look Stylish with Raynaud’s

From a practical point of view, I have a pair of gloves with me at all times…. Fingerless gloves can be good if working/typing in a cold room. Keeping my head, chest and arms covered and warm also helps. As for my feet – boots, socks and opaque tights are brilliant in the winter. In the summer I prefer trousers and trainers unless somewhere very warm.

Thankfully there are lots of stylish options with what to wear so most people wouldn’t know that I suffer with the condition. Thin gloves with some silver in them to reflect the heat are very good – especially if then worn under another pair!

For more information about Raynaud’s head over to their website

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